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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Online Gambling, Scams on Casino Websites, Tips for Online Casino, Virtual Casino Games | Comments Off on WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS FOR ONLINE CASINOS?

The unstoppable wheel of evolution is constantly turning, and we can try to go along with it and adapt in the best way we can, or we can choose a “less happy ending”. Either way, older things get replaced with the new, and this principle is the basis of life on Earth, and it will continue to operate in its efficient, but often cruel manner, until the end of our world. However, we have mostly been able to read and watch documentaries about evolution, and since the phases of this process usually last millions of years, none of us ever had the chance to watch this or perhaps record it. But, the development of modern technology and the overall progress of human kind has enabled this as well – we are now sitting in the front rows, and we are even personally involved in the changes. Just take a look at the stages that computers and phones have went through in the last few decades…

Gambling is just one of many areas of human activity which is undergoing a mini-revolution, and we are able to actively participate in this process as well. From old, dusty rooms and hidden parts of town to modern computers and sophisticated programs – gambling has evolved into a pastime activity, which can also potentially bring certain amounts of money your way.

Computers and online casino websites are the next step in the evolution of gambling, and a lot of people are choosing this method as their preferred style of gambling. Classic casino facilities are experiencing a steady decline in the numbers of visitors and this is certainly connected with the fact that people are seeing the benefits of staying in their homes and playing their favorite game from the comforts of their living rooms. Most casinos are realizing this fact and they create websites which mimic their offer, and this is a clear sign that gambling is moving to servers and the world of internet reality.

Online casinos are available to people from all over the world, and the only requirement for them is to have a computer or a smartphone and a stable internet connection. Accounts are easy to start, money is easy to deposit, games are simple to play, and money can also end up in your pocket in the end, if you are lucky enough, of course.

This just shows how convenient online casinos are, and they have several other advantages over brick and mortar facilities of the old days. New games and new methods of playing are invented on a daily basis, and mobile gaming is also experiencing an enormous expansion. Experts predict that Android and iOS devices will be the next big thing when it comes to gambling, since mobility which they offer is a very important factor for many players. Software developers are creating apps for all sorts of games, and mobile devices are almost equal to desktop computers in terms of performances and quality of games. But, websites are for now the largest provider of online gambling, and there is only bright sky ahead for this method of gambling.

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Posted by on Feb 3, 2016 in Online Gambling, Virtual Casino Games | Comments Off on TYPES OF BONUSES IN ONLINE CASINO GAMES

Online gambling is filled with awards and bonuses which are generously given out to players in order to make them come back and invest some more money with that particular casino. Since online casinos do not have certain money extraction methods which land based casinos have, bonuses are their way of attracting players and making them relaxed and comfortable when they come to a website. This marketing trick has proved to be very successful in recent years, since millions of people visit online casinos and deposit large sums of money. Naturally, they take some portion of it with them in the form of winnings and those bonuses which we already mentioned, but this amount is insignificant and relatively small comparing to the profits.

There are several types of bonuses which are offered by modern online casinos and all of them can be beneficial and potentially life-changing. Since, who knows, maybe one of those bonuses gives you the chance to play that one more round in which you win a giant jackpot. This kind of hope is what makes players come back, over and over again…

For example, the first bonus which you will come across when signing with an online casino is called a welcome bonus or a sign-up bonus, and it is not hard to guess what this bonus is all about. It presents a welcoming gift, or a sign of gratitude from the casino thanking you for choosing this particular website. Normally, the “background” of it all is not so innocent and lovely, and casinos use this small amount to lure you inside and have you deposit much, much more than you received when signing up.

Similar bonus comes in the form of matching deposit bonuses, which are awarded to clients who are making their first deposit. The principle behind these bonuses is that casino will follow your investment with the same amount, or even double it, as long as your deposit is high enough. Therefore, if you deposit $50, and casino has a policy of giving 100% matching bonuses, you will receive another $50 free of charge. Lovely, isn’t it?

Monthly bonuses, or as some people like to call them reloading bonuses, are given to clients who are regularly “reloading” their account, i.e. when they are paying membership for a new month. Each time they renew their membership status, casino rewards their loyalty with a boost in their account level. Usually, this boost takes about 10-20% of the required monthly deposit.

Similar bonus is available for high rollers in some casinos, and clients who deposit relatively large sums, generally above $1.000, receive a reward from the casino. These bonuses can come through various features, but sometimes money is awarded as well.

Other forms of bonuses which appear occasionally in some casinos are special event bonuses and refer-a-friend bonuses. The first ones, as their name clearly indicates, are given only in special occasions, such as holidays and festive seasons. Refer-a-friend bonuses are designed in the way that the client needs to recommend the casino to a friend in order to collect the bonus.

All of these types are very generous and they can be beneficial when gambling online, but players need to be very careful when taking them and they should always check wagering requirements and read the fine print.

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Rules of Conduct When You Play Poker Machines

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Online Gambling, Poker Machines | Comments Off on Rules of Conduct When You Play Poker Machines

If you generally know the rules of poker machine games, the first trip to the casino can be very unsafe and filled with anxiety. Okay, so you know how to play Texas Holdem poker, how to play blackjack or roulette, but you’re going among the people, who are probably professionals, whether in terms of players or professionals whose job it is to make the game more accessible (casino dealers) so some kind of discomfort (stage fright) is usually always present.

Of course this is a normal fear of losing face, and to present itself as better player and connoisseur of online casino games. This fear is completely justified, because the fact is that no one likes it when the game is due to insufficient knowledge of casino games. These rules of conduct in the casino are not exclusive to the offline casinos, but the important issue of successful and interesting gambling and rules of conduct for online casinos, which does not promote just playing with others but also his own pleasure.

However, no one is born learned, even when novice thinks he knows a lot, it’s definitely not the case. Much is learned by direct observation, participation and ultimately gaining routine.

Tips for a Successful Game on the Poker Machines

Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game on their own initiative before the beginning of the game.

Some casinos offer special “tables” for testing certain games. Take advantage of these opportunities for practice before you use real money, and plunge into the world of casino games.

Observe the side flow of the game for a while before sitting down to play.

Try not to disturb the game even when you sit down, of course, consult your dealer if you are already in the game, but if you already have the opportunity, try without help of dealers (preferably via website) to understand the event in the game, because nobody likes when you play reserves, and these rules of behavior at the casino may be a good beginning and a way to get to know the casino rules.

Buy chips or refrain from depositing solely between the arms (rounds), and during that time have your money.

If you play live, every dealer prefers to exchange larger amounts of chips lower values for higher value chips (chips in large bills when you leave). Chips always have the dealer to count.

Bet you cannot and you can to touch when the first cards are dealt.

Never go overboard with drinks. Whether it comes to online casino or offline, too many drinks no one can do any good. “The only thing worse than ignorant new player is drunk player.”

If you are in a real casino, don’t ask dealer for advice. He certainly would not have wanted to be the “culprit” for your potential loss etc. So have this in mind, and try to avoid these situations.

Remember that the game is only fun and go to such and act.
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Playing casino games on Facebook

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Tips for Online Casino, Virtual Casino Games | Comments Off on Playing casino games on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with more than 1,2 billion of monthly active users, whose number is on the increase. At the same time, one of the most developed industries on the Internet is online gambling, which allows the Internet users to gamble from their own home computer or their mobile device.

Casino games can be found on various websites: first of all, there are online casinos, which provide the users with the opportunity to gamble online for real money. They need to register on the website, place the deposit, and choose the game or games to ply and to bet on. Casino games can also be found on various websites with online games, which do not deal only with casino games, but with the games of all sorts. On these websites, casino games can be played for free, betting only virtual money, which means that they are played just for fun.

As you know, there are plenty of game apps for Facebook and some of these games have reached insane popularity. You have probably gotten several invitations to play Candy Crush Saga or Farmville so far, but it may have happened that your friends also invited you to play Texas Hold ‘em on Facebook as well. Casino games are also among very popular gaming apps of Facebook, but there are many restrictions when it comes to playing them on this social network.

To begin with, the advertising policy of Facebook places restrictions on advertising gambling websites and anything else related to real money gambling. If you want to create an advertisement for your gambling-related product, you need to submit a written request to get permission for advertising such products.

There were attempts to implement gambling apps that would be used for real money gambling, but the attempt has soon failed. First of all, Facebook’s policy on real money gambling is very strict; and second, there are many underage children on this social network, and many complaints were filed because gambling would this way become more accessible to them. Therefore, playing online casino games for real money remains impossible on Facebook.

However, there still are casino games you can play on Facebook; it is only that they are played for fun and virtual coins rather than for real money. There are plenty of casino games apps, and they can also be installed on your mobile device and connected with your Facebook account, so you can play iPhone or Android pokies, poker or roulette and collect the virtual money and prizes. The most popular casino game on Facebook is certainly Texas Hold ‘em, which was mentioned above, but there are also other casino games you can play on this social network, either from a PC or a mobile: scratch and win lottery tickets, various types of pokies, roulette, all sorts of card games etc.

Even though these games cannot be played for real money, they are a great source of fun and a good way of mastering the rules of a certain game and developing your own tactics. If you want to make real bets, in that case online gambling websites are certainly a better choice.

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Online gambling – Place your bets on online casino against traditional casino

Posted by on Jan 29, 2016 in Online Gambling, Virtual Casino Games | Comments Off on Online gambling – Place your bets on online casino against traditional casino

It’s been almost two decades since the first online casinos emerged triggering development of the online gambling history as we see it today. Nowadays, thousands virtual casinos operate and generate millions of dollars per day. Dramatic popularity of internet gambling grows proportionally with the growth of total internet population and now there’s an inevitable question: have online casinos become more popular than real, land-base casinos and what are the overall differences?

There’s a whole list of advantages responsible for the success of internet casinos.

The first advantage is, certainly, convenience. You don’t have to travel to Vegas to experience high quality casino atmosphere. Actually, you don’t have to travel at all. No transport costs, no wasted time to reach land-based casino. All you need is cozy sofa, computer and a good internet connection.

Since you can bring the casino into your home, you can feel and behave according to the rules of your house. This means you can play wearing your lucky shirt or pajamas or suit, whatever makes you feel comfortable. No dressing code worries. Also, no smokers around you, no potentially irritating people, no obligations to eat or drink anything particular and you will face all these factors at the real casinos. Escaping some rules and phenomena of the real casinos can turn out to be less expensive.

Speaking of expenses, there’s another benefit. Since there’s a growing number of new gambling sites available, most of them try really hard to attract gamblers. This is usually done in the form of various welcome offers, like placing a certain amount of money on your account after you make your first deposit. Another frequent option is free chips you can get as a casino’s support for brand new players. Also, customer service and information available anytime also hits higher quality compared to traditional casinos.


Safety is a concern in both real and virtual casinos. There are some obvious advantages of the online casinos, such as zero risk of you getting robbed, assaulted or ending up in any kind of physical dispute with anyone. When it comes to fairness of mere casino, there are no guarantees, but if you choose casinos with a good reputation, most probably you won’t have any bad experiences with this issue.

If you want to master the field of gambling, you have better chances of learning and progressing when playing online. There are no intimidating skilled players to crash your self-confidence. Gambling websites usually offer advices, support, guidelines or practice games, which is something you won’t find at real casino.

Everything in the online casino is a button click away and a whole action develops faster than in the land-based casinos.
The biggest advantages refer to money and currencies. Many casinos accept multiple currencies which take the burden of converting of your back. Also, when playing online, you play with the real money. This enables gamblers to have more accurate preview of their current status and amount of money they manipulate with. Keeping all of this under control is much harder when playing with colored chips, when you usually lose the touch of reality and responsibility at least a bit. This helps significantly to keep your calculations real.

You can play anytime, anywhere and the specific casino atmosphere is now available with online casinos too. All summed up, wide range of advantages and benefits online casinos offer explains their growing popularity compared to traditional casinos and should be convincing enough if you’re still having second thoughts.

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3 most common scams on casino websites

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Scams on Casino Websites, Virtual Casino Games | Comments Off on 3 most common scams on casino websites

If you decide to gamble online, one of the crucial steps to take is finding a reliable online casino. Online gambling has become worldwide present and popular, and most of the casino websites are reliable, regulated and dedicated to their users’ security. However, there is always a chance of running into a scam online casino, and these are some of the most common scams these casinos use to cheat their users:

1. Rigged games – it cannot b stressed enough that choosing a regulated online casino will spare you this inconvenience. However, scam online casinos use software to make their games rigged and therefore impossible to win, which means that you will bet money that will be impossible to return.

2. They do not pay out or it takes them too long to pay out – another common way of cheating when it comes to online casinos is payout delay. When you read through the forums, this is a problem you fill find most users complaining about. With these online casinos, it is actually possible to win the games, but once you want to withdraw the money you have won, that is when the problems start. In the best case scenario, the payout will be delayed, but you will eventually receive it. However, it often happens that your account is blocked or deleted after you try to withdraw money, and that you are banned from further access to the online casino.

3. Unfair Terms and Conditions – this is a method some scam casinos use, and it is very difficult to spot it. It can happen that you are fully satisfied with the casino in the beginning, and that eventually you start having trouble. This is because illegitimate online casinos change their Terms and Conditions on the go, as the management finds suitable at given moment. You may agree to certain Terms and Conditions when you create the account, and after some time they may be significantly changed. Reputable casinos are bound to inform their users of any change in Terms and Conditions, so that the users can decide whether they want to keep on using the website or not. However, scam casinos do it without informing the users, which can create problems such as payout delay, smaller bonuses, smaller payouts etc.

When you choose an online casino, you must not be deceived by their website design. It can be said that professional-looking website is one of the tactics scam casinos use in order to gain new users, whom they will later cheat in one way or another. Rich design and a wide variety of games do not prove the online casino’s reliability. Instead, check for their Terms and Conditions, research their history, read other users’ experiences, check which data encryption system they use and which payment methods they offer.

Many scam websites have magnificent website design and a wide variety of games, while they offer only one or two methods of deposit, they provide very poor Customer Support, use unreliable data encryption system etc. Always perform a background check before you choose an online casino to gamble with, in order to keep your money and your data safe.

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